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Reno Bike Map

Print Version

The RTC publishes a bike map for the Reno/Sparks area. Updated for 2012, it is available at local bike shops and a few other government-type places. The RTC Bicycling Page has a complete list of locations.

PDF Version

There is also a PDF version: RTC Reno/Sparks Bike Map

Google Maps

You can also use Google Maps and turn on the Bicycle layer. This is fairly complete, but there are a few streets missing.

4 Comments to “Reno Bike Map”

  1. I run the bike path by the river frequently. I’m wondering from one end to the other, what’s the distance??

    Thanks! Any info is helpful

  2. @Jennifer: I’m not sure of the overall length. There are breaks in it and it depends on which sections you traverse.

  3. Does there exist a simple to read bike lane/path map of Reno/Sparks that shows one how to ride along the safest city streets and connect with the major bike paths or lanes in the city. One for instance: How do I get from Pyramid and Prater to the bike path along the Truckee River using bike lanes?

  4. @Gene: The RTC bike map and Google Maps are the best resources I know of. Unfortunately, there aren’t always safe ways to get from any Point A to any other Point B.