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Help Bike Planning with RenoTracks

February 03, 2014 By: Jeremy Tags: , ,

Ever been frustrated because it seems like transportation planners have ignored many of the roads you ride, or want to ride on? Now, thanks to an effort that began at the 2013 Hack4Reno, an iPhone app (Android in the works) called RenoTracks can record your path using the GPS receiver on your phone. As the collection of trips grows, transportation planners will be able to see which roads are used for cycling (and which roads are not), and therefore, can tell which bike infrastructure changes will provide the most benefit.

The app is based on the San Francisco CycleTracks app which was used successfully to study cyclist behavior related to usage of bike lanes, sharrows, and hills.

I don’t have an iPhone, so I’ll have to wait for the Android version, but if you have an iPhone, try it out and see how it works.

2 Comments to “Help Bike Planning with RenoTracks”

  1. I don’t have an iPhone either so I downloaded the app on my iPad Mini and tether to my Android to run the GPS. I have a tracked several of my bicycle commutes and it is a really neat app.

    Reno Tracks needs help with funding the Android version and so if you know of an Android developer, please send them to Reno Tracks!

  2. Reno Tracks is live and being developed for Android. Come to the NV Bike Summit at the Atlantis Hotel 3/11 to learn more.


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